I now have more Lithium-Ion Polymer batteries, now I have two choices……

20200110 still awaiting the American DC motor and the control gear – being sent by Sea!!! Apparantly airlines don’t like anything to do with EV batteries, not even the control gear….. what are they like.

Ooooo these are lovely – from a Mitsubishi Outlander 80% useable
Brand new, EiG very high capacity and perfect for EV’s

250 of these, connected in such a way as to provide 50volts. I was going for 60v but the number of batteries did not equate to a reasonable BMS (Battery Management System). Each cell is 3.7v rated at 20Ahr with a C rating of 5 – 100Amps!!!!! So connected in parallel and then in series – the power available is phenominal – however, as I am ‘winging’ this, no-one has mentioned keeping these babies COOL or warm for that matter, because you cannot charge Lith-Ion-Po when it is freezing cold, and if they get hot they could explode!!!! Eeeek

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