Sorry, the blog was hacked

Why? you may well ask….. Vandalism? Envy, mischief, competitors, enemies, who in hell knows why. It’s not that our passwords are simple (they are not) and it’s not the web guys fault as their PW’s are higher, but whatever the reason, it’s a pain in the arse. It’s not the money, it’s the TIME involved re-establishing the entries, the huge number of photo’s and the logic and comments the site receives.

I thought it may be TWITTER linked, but the twitter handle [BeeEcoEV] for the electrification of the 1933 Austin Seven is quite new. I thought it may be ‘purists’ – for when I started on the project, I got some real ‘stick’ and the drums rumbled all around the world (I kid you not).

So……. As I am now adding the EBAY bought ‘Barn Find’ to electrifornication, I’m keen to tell the stories, the plans, the failures and the bloody pure agro of 86 year old nuts and bolts.

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