Another old-timer added…

Now there are THREE….. Joining the original Austin 7 RP – which we have called ‘Frankie’ (after Franknestein). The EBAY find – ‘Roo’ (the kangarooing Austin 10); and now ‘AGU’ – a well known 1933 Austin 10 chrome rad’ saloon

This is the view that attracted me to hunt this baby down

It’s not that I hate ‘Modern’ cars, but quite honestly it’s like driving around in your wallet. The very last ‘modern’ I owned (two weeks ago) – a Volvo ‘Car of the Year’ XC60 monster [far too big, too costly and too sophisticated – to say the least] it actually cost me £2500 depreciation to own for 12 months, plus £750 insurance and £144 road tax, and to add to the insult – was diesel.

Prior to that ‘modern’ was a beautiful XK8 Jag’, bought with only 15,000 miles on the clock and nearly 20 years old…… yet another brilliant piece of British hardware but like a ‘BOAT’ [Break Out Another Thousand]

So how can I be wrong (to drive ‘Vintage’)? £100 insurance, no MOT, no road tax and an appreciating bit of British motorting history, and if the worse comes to the end of Vintage – electrofornication……

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