About the writer

I’m a very aged man, but in all my years starting from a schoolboy of 14, I’ve owned 14 Austin Sevens.  I suppose finding your first car is so memorable.

My first A7 was basically abandoned next to a school fence, by a house owner who must have looked upon it every day for a few years.  It was looking very sad, but I knocked on his door and simply asked him if I could have it…. “ha ha ha” he chuckled…”you can’t have it for nothing, but how much have you got?”. I said that my dad gave me ‘Ten Bob’ spends and he could have that, “well I like your cheek, but give me an extra half a crown and you can have it”…….. So that’s how much my own very first car cost – ‘twelve and sixpence’ – 52p in decimal.